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About Us

Mark Luckenbaugh


I could be one of those people that write in the third person and give a few formal lines of filler “about me” content that spew professionalism. You were probably expecting that considering the cashmere coat and the crooked tie in my bio picture. Just kidding..


I have been operating and growing businesses using SEO as my core competency for 7 years. In that time I have used the “Niche it Down” model to grow a massively successful client agency, with over 100 clients in a specific niche..and hundreds more across the board.


I love working with developers to create SaaS solutions, negotiate equity in businesses which I then grow using various digital marketing channels, and enjoy providing value to my free Local Marketing group, Local Client Takeover When I am not working hard on growing my businesses I am enjoying time with my son. He is my best friend.


Chaz Edward


Chaz’s core competency is creating and managing large-scale fulfillment systems and managing multiple teams, both in-house and in foreign offices, to produce high-quality products and services


When he is not taking businesses he owns from $4k-40k per month in 4 months (It’s doing even more now) he is utilizing a seldom discussed strategy in the local marketing space, creating lead generating assets and then subcontracting out the work or creating partnerships with service providers for maximum profits.


October 23, 2015